The Creations of Kapyong


Gday all,

welcome to my pages ... 


Tech and Science :


 Personal Flying Machines.


 How VPNs can work for you.


 Some Essays on Science etc.


Historical :


 Europeans Discover Australia - a visual journey through growing maps of Australia.


 Stone, Papyrus, Vellum and Wood - some ancient writings.


 The Erasing of Palestine.


Religious :


 The Foundations of Christianity. My main work.


 How did Jesus H. Christ get his middle name ?


 When were Chapters and Verses added to the NT ?


 Some Christian diagrams showing dating relationships.



The Battle of Kapyong

23-25 April (ending ANZAC day) 1951. A video documentary in four parts :


 Part I


 Part II


 Part III


 Part IV


Fun and Games :


 The Journey to Minas Tirith.


Personal :


 Kapyong goes Boom !


 Some Personal Stories.