Flycars, Jetpacks, and Hoverboards - Personal Flying Machines of 2016


Ready to fly ? The waiting is almost over -

Here is the up and coming flock of personal flying machines - that actually exist and have really flown and may make it to market.

This does not include anything with old-fangled wheels : none of those contranymous little 'hoverboards' with two co-axial wheels; nor any road vehicle that can transform into an air-craft ('flying cars'.)

Nor any monster-boards using magnetrickery requiring special metal floors ('magnetoboards').


Terminology :

With rapid growth of different types of personal flying machines, there are several terms that can be used :

Hoverboard - a 'board' on which the user stands and can fly over any surface. e.g. Flyboard Air.

Jetpack - a back-pack with jet turbine(s) that supports flight. e.g. JB-9.

Flycar - a small flying craft with a cabin, or at least a seat, for one or two passengers - but no wheels. e.g. Volocopter.

Rocket Pack - a back-pack using liquid fuel rocket(s) that supports flight. e.g. Bell Rocket Belt.

Fanpack - a one-person flying craft powered by fans (propellers.) e.g. Martin Jet-pack.



Zapata's Flyboard Air :  This is a winner ! The best looking Hoverboard, still a prototype, but bound to succeed.

Update May 2016, Zapata takes new world record @ 2.2 km, nearly ten times Catalin Duru's record :


Hoverboard powered by a jet turbine, back-pack of kerosene.

Projected : 3000m ceiling (?!), 10 minutes duration, 150 kph top speed.

Developed from the water-powered Flyboard.


JB-9 Jetpack : a practical Jetpack, although rather large. Made waves around the US' Statue of Liberty.

Twin jet turbines running kerosene. The only real jetpack.

Projected : 3000m ceiling, 10 minutes duration, 100 kph top speed.


Bell Rocket Belt : The original Rocket Pack, so old that the Jupiter II carried one ! Even Sean Connery was young then.

A rocket powered by expensive hydrogen peroxide. Compact but hard to fly, also dangerous.

30 seconds duration.


Martin 'jetpack' : not a jet nor a back-pack - it's a small aircraft - a Fanpack.

Twin ducted large fans driven by 2-stroke engine. Big and heavy.

Projected : 1000m ceiling, 30 minute duration, 74 kph top speed.


Catalin Duru's Omni hoverboard World record busting Hoverboard.

Eight fan electric hoverboard.

Record flight : ~5m ceiling, ~90 second duration, 275m distance.


ArcaBoard - large Hoverboard, somewhat clumsy, official release is 14th April 2016.

36 small ducted fan hoverboard. Electric.

~50cm ceiling, 3-6 minutes duration, 20 kph top speed.


FLIKE Tri-copter : flying electric motor-trike. Is it a Fanpack ? Fancraft ?

Flying trike with three contra-rotating pairs of large fans. Electric.

Projected : 30m ceiling, 60 min duration, 100 kph top speed


Volocopter : a practical Flycar, in flight testing.

Flycar powered by 18 fans. Electric.

Test flight : ~10m ceiling, 25 kph top speed


NUS Snowstorm : a Flycar early prototype, honourable mention.

Fly-car with 24 fans. Electric.

Test flight: ~1m ceiling, 5 minute duration, no speed.


Yves Rossy, Jetman : a man CAN fly - but cannot take-off, nor land either.

Four jet turbines on wearable wings.

2000m+ ceiling, 10 minutes duration, 200 kph top speed.


OK then, here is the Jupiter II :


Here is a Jupiter too :



by Kapyong

May 2016


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